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Your Wishes Passed On

A FREE service for people who want to see their wishes fulfilled after they die.
It's peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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Provide Input Into Your Funeral

Give input on the location, content, music, dress code, burial, attendees and everything else related to your funeral.

Relay Important Information

Provide information for your family, friends or co-workers, who may need some direction after you die.

Create Messages for Loved Ones

Reach out to the people you care about after you die with a personal letter recalling memories and telling them how much they were loved.

Request Pet Care Arrangements

Share your preference for the new home of your much loved pet. Will it be a family member or friend? What special care do they need?

Make life easier for your family by creating your FREE Wishes Profile
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Free, Simple, Private and Secure

Easy to Use

Our website is designed to be easy-to-use and takes you through all the steps in creating your profile and adding friends and family to be able to access it.


We use servers hosted in the UK with the latest 128 bit encryption to make sure your profile is kept secure and is only accessible to the individuals you’ve specified.


You control and manage access to your Wishes Profile. Using password protection and even an option to involve your family solicitor, controls are in place to ensure access to your profile is when you want – maybe not until after you pass away.

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Customer Feedback

Don't Wear Black gives me peace of mind that should anything happen, my wishes would be carried out.
Steve Slattery United Kingdom
I love that I can update my Wishes Profile as things in my life change, so when I die it will be current and as I want.
Jeet Singh India
The concept behind DWB is a solid one - it gives you a voice after you die. Why wouldn't you want to exercise that voice?
Phil de Gruchy Channel Islands