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About Don’t Wear Black

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DontWearBlack.com (‘DWB’) provides a unique, simple solution to a common issue…

How many of us think about the music we’d like played at our own funeral, how we might like to arrive, who we might like to invite? Do you ever consider if you’d like a sombre, thoughtful ceremony, or a full-on party?

Would you like to go in an eco-friendly cardboard coffin, or the best casket money can buy? Do your loved ones know if you’d prefer to be buried or cremated and, following which, your preferred final resting place?

Would you ask those attending to dress in the traditional way, or would you prefer to tell them “please…don’t wear black!?

What about your pets? Does someone know your preferred next home for your loyal and much-loved pet? Is that a family member (which one?)…is it a sanctuary or animal shelter or maybe somewhere else?



Then there is all those important bits of information we’re no longer around to share or explain – such as the location of investments, pensions, insurance policies and other important documents, reference numbers, account details etc. – everything we can access now or have safely hidden away, but could prove difficult for loved ones to locate and identify when we’re gone.

Finally, what about those kind words or personal messages we might have wanted to give if we had only been given the chance?

newcastle funeral
Do you want your funeral to have a theme? Would someone know that?

By creating your own DWB Wishes Profile, and by using password-only access, you can dictate when this important information is shared and accessible by your loved ones, trusted friends or professional advisers (before, or immediately after your death).


DWB has also partnered with the NHS to offer our users an opportunity to register with the NHS Organ Donor Register.
Do that here or after you’ve completed your DWB Wishes Profile.


DontWearBlack.com is a safe and secure place for your most important funeral wishes, information and special messages.